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        product description

        Products-Round Tube Series

        鋁合金圓管材質,30mm、 43mm、56mm等不同直徑規格,結構靈活、配件齊全,可滿足眾多 的造型設計??啥ㄖ仆暾纳虡I展架系列產品, 根據客戶個性需求不同組合創新,滿足各類展示活動需求。

        優勢:造型靈活,適應不同需求輕便,易倉儲,易運 輸配件齊全,運用廣泛 簡易安裝,節省人工,重復使用,節約成本 ,安全性高,性價比之王。

        The material of aluminum alloy round tube is 30mm, 43mm, 56mm and other different diameters. The structure is flexible and the accessories are complete.

        The complete series of commercial display products can be customized, and different combinations of innovations can be made according to the individual needs of customers to meet the needs of various exhibition activities.

        Products-Light Box Series

        以片狀的型材為原材料,常用寬度15CM,型材 及光源均采用模塊化、一體化設計,配合熱轉印的梭織燈箱面料,呈現出一種無邊框,靚麗但不炫目的展示效果。所有標準模塊經過電器安全認 證,采用DC接插件,無工具安裝,無需專業電 工操作,安全可靠 !

        優勢: 外觀精致,呈現效果突出標準化,組合靈活 ;可拆分,易倉儲,易運輸;重復使用,節約成 本;易安裝,省人工,安全性好;運用廣泛,配件齊全。

        The sheet-shaped profile is used as the raw material, and the common width is 15CM. Both the profile and the light source adopt a modular and integrated design, and the thermal transfer woven light box fabric shows a borderless, beautiful but not dazzling display effect. All standard modules are certified for electrical safety, using DC connectors, no tool installation, no need for professional electrician operation, safe and reliable!

        Advantages: Exquisite appearance, outstanding presentation effect, standardized and flexible combination; detachable, easy storage, easy transportation; repeated use, cost saving; easy installation, labor saving, good safety; extensive use, complete accessories

        Products-Truss Series

        重量更輕的鋁合金材質搭配手感更好的尼龍表面, 革新傳統桁架的產品重量大、體積大、安裝難度 大的缺陷。采用模塊化、標準化的設計,折疊后 方便倉儲及運輸,展開后拆裝組合更簡便、設計 更靈活,真正讓用戶得到簡單、快速、高效的使 用體驗。

        優勢: 產品材質耐用,抗磨損 ,配件齊全,運用廣泛 ;輕便精致,安全環保 ,無工具快裝,節省人力;重復使用,節約成本 ,可折疊,易倉儲,易運輸。

        The lighter weight aluminum alloy material and the better-feeling nylon surface revolutionize the defects of traditional truss products that are heavy, bulky, and difficult to install. It adopts modular and standardized design, which is convenient for storage and transportation after folding. It is easier to disassemble and assemble after unfolding, and the design is more flexible, which truly allows users to get simple, fast and efficient use experience.

        Advantages: The product material is durable, wear-resistant, complete accessories, widely used; light and exquisite, safe and environmentally friendly, no tools and quick installation, saving manpower; repeated use, saving costs, foldable, easy storage, easy transportation.

        Advantages of environmental protection exhibition




        1.High-precision thermal transfer picture, fire-retardant and flame-retardant, without any odor, high color fastness, not easy to fade.
        2.The appearance is exquisite and the rendering effect is outstanding.
        3.Standardization, modularization and flexible combination.
        4.Detachable, the volume of the 18-level booth is less than 1 cubic meter after packing. Easy storage and transportation.
        5.Easy to install, save labor, can perfectly present a set of 18m2 booth. Good security.
        6.It can be used not only as a live broadcast scene, but also as an exhibition.
        7.While displaying the image while taking into account the product display needs, the multi-functional laminate can meet the product placement within 5KG.


        Existing standard profile solutions



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